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God Bless You for Saving My Life

So I walked into my oncologist’s office on Monday, she measured the tumor, and reported, “Wow! Your tumor has shrunk at least half the size it was in just two weeks, with one chemo treatment. In my entire career, I … Continue reading

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Being myself, Adina, or Ms. Schecter (just with cancer)

As I said in my last post, knowing and understanding the medical side of my illness makes me calmer, focused, and more equipped to face what lies ahead.  However, there are other things that comfort me and keep me strong. … Continue reading

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First Day of Chemotherapy

As I write this, I am getting my first chemo treatment.  I thought this would be a huge moment, one that would bring tears and immense fear.  But the combination of Ian’s loving energy, an incredible medical team watching over … Continue reading

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Healing, not fighting

Thank you for coming, today and many other days, because you care about my recovery and want to connect and listen.  Obviously a lot has been on my mind and choosing what to share is not easy, but there is … Continue reading

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