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“We are sorry you are here…but glad that you found us.”

During one of my recent chemo infusions I sat next to another woman with breast cancer. We bonded over some common breast-cancer lingo and rolled our eyes when our machines kept beeping, the nurses nowhere to be found.  My father … Continue reading

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Reliving in Song: My Epic Seventh-Grade Musical

“Back through the years, I go wonderin’ once again,
 back to the seasons of my youth…” -Dolly Parton, “Coat of Many Colors” Since I’ve been dealing with a lot of grief and loss recently, my therapist advised that I think … Continue reading

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Breast Reconstruction 101

I walk into a plastic surgeon’s office.  I look around at the tall windows, plush white armchairs, and stacks of before-and-after, breast-photo books lining the walls. I feel completely out of place. I associate plastic surgery with wealthy, vain people … Continue reading

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