my intention

I am  a 35-year-old mother of two, living in Belmont, MA.  I am writing about my ongoing experience as a breast cancer survivor as a way to connect with others and share information that might prove helpful, and even save a life.

4 Responses to my intention

  1. Karen Miller says:

    Dear Adina – Matt and I are both sending you lots of love and hugs. This all sucks, but you are in the zone – the healing zone. I have faith in you. Karen

  2. meryl newman cedar says:

    Adina I have been following your blog, talking to your mom and thinking about you since your diagnosis with breast cancer last month. Your life has had so many highs, marrying Ian, giving birth to Yael and Ayla- all of these and just your everyday life, so filled with so many people who love you. Reading your blog takes my breath away. You are so filled with such powerful , positive and loving thoughts,clearly someone who has been the recipient of so much love and support from so many around you. We send love and hugs across the country to you.
    xx meryl and phil

  3. Melissa from TBS says:

    Hi Adina,
    I am a cancer survivor of a year and 9 months… I had about 9 months of chemo, two weeks of double session high level radiation and then a stem cell transplant Sept 2011. I am 29 now, was misdiagnosed for 2 years and then was diagnosed at 27 with stage 3b Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

    Eddie Schecter is my Rabbi, and has really been a great support and dear friend since I came out of the hospital from the stem cell transplant and randomly went to the synagogue because I needed a greater connection with people and God again. Since then I converted to Judaism, with the help of Eddie and he has done everything possible to help me in my recovery in every way.

    While I did try and read your blog, it is still very challenging to think of people my age with cancer and brings back a lot of hard memories of having cancer that I am still working on dealing with. With time I hope to be able to read it all, what I read is very good–a lot of similar thoughts and feelings as I had.

    While I was sick I found many many resources, possibly too many… survivor/patient support (organization that matches you with a survivor of the same type of cancer around the same age for support), books, guided imagery, DVDs, MP3’s, diets, homeopathy, acupuncture… you name it, I tried it. Since my cancer was so advanced and I had little chance of survival, I was willing to try anything and everything to beat it.

    If you are interested, you can contact me and I’d be happy to pass on my full list of resources.

    But for now, I will just recommend one book, it helped me immensely, and thats Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Diet. She was in her mid 20’s when they found she had over 20 tumors in her body. Through many different alternative treatments, she’s lived incredibly well-has even been thriving for over 10 years with what many doctors called an “incurable, deadly cancer,” and in some cases the tumors even shrank, just by changing her diet/lifestyle and working with doctors at Dana-Farber in Boston. Its an amazing, inspiring book. She also made a documentary that you can watch, was hard at times, but really empowering. I met her at a conference in NYC a few months after I was diagnosed.

    Eddie told me today about you, and I’d like to be of any help/support that I can be. Please feel free to contact me.

    Sending you thoughts of health and peace.


  4. Sara Goldstein Zaientz says:

    Hi Adina,
    I am an old friend of Ian’s and found out about your blog. I ache for what you are going through and wish that I could do more than keep you in my thoughts. You are a strong and amazing woman (and a really talented writer!).
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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